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How do charities work?

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NCVO have been working on a new draft web site to explain the working of charities. How Charities Work.

A useful new on-line resource both for existing charites and their boards, but particularly for the public in general. Helping to explain sometimes seemingly arcane rules, or the not often declared constraints that modern charities work under.

‘Charities want to make sure that their supporters and the wider public have complete confidence in how they work, because ultimately they can only do what they do thanks to your support.

Charities in the UK play a vital role in society – they make a difference to millions of lives in our country and across the world.

They can only make the difference they do because of you, whether you’re volunteering, donating goods or money, sponsoring a friend in a marathon, attending a fundraising event, or spreading the word. Charities harness the public’s goodwill and combine it with professional expertise to create the biggest possible impact.

So they want to make sure you can find answers to any questions you may have about how they work’.

Source: NCVO How Charities Work web site – accessed 19.12.2016

The site contains dedicated briefings on the size of charities, charity fraud and contentious fund-raising practices. One article also asks if there are too many charities?

if you are creating a new community enterprise, or have concerns about the debate over charity activities, then we recommend this new site from NCVO as a great way to begin your journey.

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Being a Charity Trustee

The internet is full of information, so much, that sometimes it is difficult to sort out all the news, data and advice available.

Here at we do write our own content for you, and provide formal sessions and training to pass it along. However, occasionally we come across a simple, clear and professional piece of advice that is useful, but provided by other organisations.

101 Simple Steps to Better Governance by interneticon Pitman Trustees Limited is one of them. A document containing 101 things that charity trustees need to know, both to be effective and to be efficient.

pdfIcon4 Download a copy of this document in pdf format here.

As ever, here at SmithMartin LLP, we’ll happy help you get ready for good governance or to work in partnership with you to deliver better charity operations in all their forms.

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