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Month: March 2014

Being a Charity Trustee

The internet is full of information, so much, that sometimes it is difficult to sort out all the news, data and advice available.

Here at we do write our own content for you, and provide formal sessions and training to pass it along. However, occasionally we come across a simple, clear and professional piece of advice that is useful, but provided by other organisations.

101 Simple Steps to Better Governance by interneticon Pitman Trustees Limited is one of them. A document containing 101 things that charity trustees need to know, both to be effective and to be efficient.

pdfIcon4 Download a copy of this document in pdf format here.

As ever, here at SmithMartin LLP, we’ll happy help you get ready for good governance or to work in partnership with you to deliver better charity operations in all their forms.

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Helping community enterprise flourish

Funding Social Enterprise

The Santander Social Enterprise Development Award for Enterprising Charities will re-open again on 9th April, 2014.

Santander offer support to registered charitable organisations, or community groups in possession of a constitution who are already trading.

The Fund offers three thematic awards, improving social inclusiion, skills and training and creating a greener environment.

Levels of funding available will include £20,000 for the Fast Growth category, £10,000 for the enterprising charity looking to increase trading activity and £5,000 Catalyst Growth for organisations nearer the beginning of their journey.

To get ready for the Fund re-opening you can interneticon access the existing on-line application here.

If you do apply, the very best of luck.

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Helping community enterprise flourish

A community resource on-line

Reaching out and sharing experience

This is a new community resource covering a variety of topics that will, we hope, be useful for community organisations undergoing change, community business development or creating new forms of governance.

Our news feeds will keep you up to date on funding, Charity Commission updates and the news from the Church of England, in concert with the Near Neighbours Programme.

What others do in the world to effect change can often create passionate communities for change at home.

We will add feature articles to this page, constantly updated and refreshed, that we hope will help you and your community persevere with your enterprise ambitions.

Do book mark our pages above, or visit our site, as we cycle and refresh our content regularly. We hope to become a reliable and regular resource for your project.

(We’re happy to feature your success as well as ask the enterprising community for reflection on things that aren’t going so well too!)

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Helping community enterprise flourish

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