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Ethical business planning…

Whatever type, size or direction of travel your community business has, there are some clear and distinct pieces of knowledge you will need to make your enterprise sustainable.

They are the same for the coffee shop, the logistics organisation or the manufacturer of bicycles.

We call them The Power of Nine Things.

  1. Who are our key Partners?
  2. What are our key activities?
  3. What is our value proposition?
  4. What are our customer relationship expectations?
  5. Customer segments. Where are our customers?
  6. What are our channels to market?
  7. What are our key resources now?
  8. What are our costs?
  9. Where is our revenue?

pdfIcon4  You can download a Nine Things Partnership check list

Our Power of Nine Things is a simplified adaption of the Business Model Canvas. The Canvas was developed by The Business Model Foundry, and represents a simple way to allocate what you know, what you expect and what you need to do to generate your business revenue.

It looks like this…

Business Model Template


pdfIcon4  You can download a pdf version of the original copy here.

Get your Canvas printed out at A3 size. Pin it to the wall and use Post-It Notes to complete the sections.  Get members of your team to add their ideas, comments and knowledge to the Canvas.

When complete, using the broad headings of the Power of Nine Things, you can then, using a spread sheet to support your financial analysis, write a comprehensive and detailed Business Plan.

interneticon   When you’re ready, visit our Social Business Toolkit page and see how to write your business plan successfully.

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